Tenom Trip Part 4

This is the last part about my trip to Tenom story. Since we don’t have enough time left, we decided skipped 2 places which is Sabah Agricultural Park and Murut Cultural Village, well, we looking forward for our next trip. We visit one of the private school in Tenom, Sekolah Menengah Tsung Shin.

Sneak peek in the classroom

We even visit Tenom temple.

Before we head back to KK, we stopped by a private place at Kampung Simpangan to have a look of the legendary Tenom crocodile. This giant reptile has been living for 50 years. It was in 10 feet long and weight almost one tonne. It was given the name Ah Kung. The story about Ah Kung become famous when in 2000, Ah Kung’s master, Ho Eng Kui, which was an old lady who had been take care of the croc over the years fell ill and passed away. Ah Kung was observed making strange noises at night and shed tear. It also behaves very aggressively. It said that Ah Kung had built a close relationship with its master. Year had passed, and now Ah Kung seems to be spending its life normally with 3 kg of meat per day although Ah Kung had loss all its tooth. Ah Kung often received visitors from outside, visitors were charge RM1 per entry as to cover Ah Kung’s daily meal. One thing that amazed me was Ah Kung Seem to understand human language, the current master did show a demo to us where Ah Kung will act depend on what his current master’s order such as lift up one leg and shake your head.

Ah Kung’s tooth

During the old days, Ah Kung with its master

Visitor can take picture with Ah Kung just for RM10

Bernard Tzing

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