Tenom Trip Part 1

During my recent trip to Tenom with few buddies, i managed to gathered lots of information about that place. It’s actually a last minutes decision since i’m not good in long distant travelling on road. But im glad i made the choice of going instead. I’m going to write about my trip into several part, so, here’s the 1st part. Early in the morning, we all gathered at MSJ Photography studio around 5am. I woke up at 4.30am, it has been a while i did not up for this early. We need to depart early cause the trip took about 3 hours from Kota Kinabalu and limited time for few places that we already planned to visit. It was very cold that morning. We stopped by along the road to take some sunrise shoot.

I bring along Rin Kokonoe for this trip and she was very happy enjoying the scene.

They called it sea cloud

After about 3 hours of travelling, we finally reached Tenom. The first place we stopped by was the market as we going to meet up with our tour guide there and fill up our stomach. You can see many things offered by the local people here, fresh vege, food dan drinks.

Then, we went up to first floor of the market to have our breakfast. The place was like a foodcourt, local people here usually bring their family member on weekend to eat here, as the price was reasonable and it taste good. I had a bowl of Chun Kuen (pork meat rolled with egg) noodle soup , Yong Tauhu (bean curb with pork meat filling), i even try the Kon Lau Mee. The Chun Kuen and the noodle were homemade using natural water from hill not any treated pipe water, which made the taste even better. If you want to eat these, you must be there early cause it sold out very quick.

Homemade Chun Kuen

Some of the dishes

After breakfast, we went for tour around the town and other interesting places by our guide who called himself Kapitan.

This big statue here was a model of Ikan Palian.

One of the interesting aspects about Tenom was the Tamu Tenom or market. It is a chance for local people here to promote their goods. They were selling fresh vegetables, fruit, clothes, even handicraft on a reasonable price. The market only operates every Wednesday and Sunday from 8am-1pm.

There’s place known as Gerai Kiosk selling varieties of local kuih-muih.

From time to time, the local health office will have free health checking and advice to public.

This is the statue of Tenom murut warrior, Antanom who fight against ruler of British for his people around year 1915. The murut people had been practising headhunter for ages. According to history, Antanom rise against British ruler for some reasons, which make his people suffer such as more traders were allowed to collect wealth of the forest, slavery, and high tax applied on daily goods. Things getting worse when in 1910, an English district officer was sent to Rundum to stop the headhunting practices. Eventually, Antanom died in the hand of British’s Spy. To remember his contribution, Tenom had been name after him and this statue was build to respect as well as a memorial for him.

Bernard Tzing

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