Tenom Trip Part 3

Before we head to lunch, we stopped by Tenom Hydro Electric Station but we were not allowed to go inside the station. It was build on Sungai Padas in 1979. This Station using run-of-river system where the water from the river will flow through a tunnel at a higher point and gravity fed down to a lower point where it emerge through the turbine generator and re-enter the river. Such a system was relatively cheap and has very little environmental impact. It was the only station in Sabah and consists of 3 turbine generator where each of it able to produce electric energy up to 22 megawatt to maintain electric supply whole Sabah

We had our lunch at Chi Hin Restaurant. The food taste great. I love the Kew Nyuk (Steamed Braised Pork Slices with Yam), as i don’t get to eat it often, usually just during chinese new year as the dish required lots of work to prepare and its time consuming.

Kew Nyuk (steamed braised pork slices with yam)

Steamed chicken with oyster sauce

Steamed fish

Su Zai Choi (Sayur Manis)

Chun Ken Soup (Pork spring roll)

Yong Taufu

After lunch we went to Tenom Railway station, nowadays it’s still operate as a transport for local people from Tenom to Beaufort or vice versa. Beside as a public transport, it is a tourist main attraction. The design of the train still did not change to modern design, it only been transform from steam locomotive to diesel locomotive as it was cheaper and fast. Tourist have the chance to enjoy the beauty of flora and fauna along the way since the train will pass through forest, cave, and village.

Schedule of the train from Tenom to Beaufort and vice versa

Stil the old school design

Serve as public transport for local people

Bernard Tzing

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