Cardfight Vanguard Booster Box Vol. 4 Empty Shadow God Eclipse

Latest Cardfight Vanguard booster box, the 4th volume (BT04); Empty Shadow God Eclipse has been released just last month. Same as previous booster box, it consist of 30 packs inside with 5 cards in each pack. It make up a total of 80 different cards. 6 clans in this volume which is:

Shadow Paladin
Nova Grappler
Royal Paladin
Dimensional Police

There was a new clan in this volume; Shadow Paladin which currently used by Aichi in the latest episode of Cardfight Vanguard anime. Trigger cards for other clans has been released as well; Megacolony and Dimensional Police. You can construct a pure deck consist only this clan now. For a full list of cards available check out Empty Shadow God Eclipse. The 5th volume of booster box (BT05); Twin Sword Awakening expected to be release in 14th January 2012.

This card game originally from Japan, since there were many vanguard players outside Japan. The demanding for releasing these cards in english translation were rather high. So, Bushiroad has started releasing them in english version. The illustration on the cards still the same with the Japanese cards. Beside than english version cards, they also lauched their official vanguard english site last month. So far the Trial Deck TD01; Shining Swordsman Of The Holy LandTD02; Raging Dragon Of The Empire and Booster box Vol. 01 BT01; Descent of The King of Knights has been released. For the english official translation, just click on the link above. Eventually you can still look for the translation for other cards in or
If you are looking for nearest shop to buy these Bushiroad's products, check out some of the shops available in your country. If you are looking for vanguard players in Sabah, join our group Cardfight Vanguard Sabah or visit MoeHouse at Star City Link Bridge, Kota Kinabalu. You can get your vanguard merchandise there or trade your cards with other players. Usually price for single cards will be referred from these Japanese website Bigweb as well as YuYu-Tei

Some of RRR and RR cards from each clans; top left: Phantom Blaster Dragon (Shadow Paladin), Stern Blaukruger (Nova Grappler), Amber Dragon Eclipse (Kagero), Wicked Shell Shogun Giraffa (Megacolony), Enigman Storm (Dimensional Police), Fang of Light Garmall (Royal Paladin). Thanks to comrade Yus, Cubex, Alex and Ruwais for lending some of the cards.


Another RRR cards in Shadow Paladin. Darkness Maiden, Macha and Skull Witch, Nemain. Yeah, i know, Nemain was hot right?

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