Otaku Shops in Taipei

I had the chance to visit Taiwan early this year. Took some time to explore around what Japanese culture influence here in Taiwan especially anime related stuff. So I come along to Taipei City Mall, also known as underground shopping mall. Upon arriving at the Taipei Main Station, proceed to “Y" Underground Mall there’s map on wall to guide you. If not, just ask around, people in Taiwan are extremely friendly. 

Upon entering the Y Underground Mall, you will notice lots of the shop selling clothing at reasonable price. There is even some food stall nearby. As you walk in further starting from Y13 entrance, you can see lots of otaku shops selling different kind of anime merchandises ranging from manga, magazines, games, cosplay, card game, figure and toys, dakimakura, dolls, gachapon machine and some “healthy stuff.” There’s just too many of them, you can probably spend half day just walking around each shop. If you are looking for cosplay themed cafe, look for some maid cafe near Y27 exit. There’s even a butler cafĂ©. I have covered maid cafe in my previous post. Some of the shop also selling pre-own (2nd hand) merchandise such as gachapon and figures at cheaper price.

Spotted Dollfie selling for 100,000NT (about RM10,000/3,300 USD)

And i was surprise to found out about this store, they are selling different type of 1:1 size airsoft guns and even accessories such as military outfit.

Just look at the detail, just like a real thing. So i guess it's legal here in Taiwan?

Just feel like buying one of these, but for sure can't get pass through Malaysia's security side.

Ninja Umbrella, again, was doubted whether can pass through the airport security or not, In the end i didn't buy any.

There's arcade as well

Some of the "healthy material" as defined by Danny Choo. I just have to add on the censored part..lol..


100-B1, Section 1, Civic Blvd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100, Taiwan.

Tel: 02-25594566

Email: citymall@taipeimall.com.tw

Use this map as guide. If you can't find it, just ask Taiwanese people. They are friendly and willing to help.

(photo credit to: http://kiwiism.wordpress.com)

Bernard Tzing

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