Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish) in Sandakan

If you happened to visit Sandakan. Be sure to try the "Ikan Baker" (Grilled Fish). The most well known was the "Gerai Ikan Bakar Sederhana" located in Sim Sim Market at Jalan Buli Sim Sim. The market usually open daily from 8am-10pm. There's another branch near Giant Hypermarket. The fishes was grilled fresh on charcoal with special home made sauce for the topping.

It served with unlimited amount of rice, ginger soup and vegetable. You can ask for refill. Spoon and fork are not provided until you ask. You should try eating with your bare hand. The price is really reasonable. 1 person will be RM10-15 depend on type and sizes of the fish. Beside than grilled fish.They have other seafood as well such as squid,crab and prawn.

Check out the map below for direction

Bernard Tzing

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