Ayam Penyet at Padang Jawa Sandakan

Ayam penyet is originally a dish from Jawa, Indonesia. "Penyet" literaly means smashed / squeezed. Its been named ayam penyet because the chicken has been smashed as well as the ingredient to make the sambal using mortar and pestle. The chicken itself was marinated with spices before deep fried. Usually served with rice, tempe (fermented product), tofu, cucumber, raw cabbage, leave of sweet potato and most important is the super spicy sambal.

In KK, there's a well known restaurant serving good ayam penyet. The name of it was Padang Jawa located in Alam Mesra. I'm surprised they did open a branch here in Sandakan. Located near the BSN bank, mile 8. Same row with Tom Yam restaurant. So far my favorite Ayam Penyet was from Padang Jawa, you can really taste the strong deep dried spices marinated chicken and their sambal is really good eventhough is super spicy.

Bernard Tzing

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