Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant in Sandakan

This is my first visit to a japanese restaurant here in Sandakan. It was a recomendation from few friends. I really like japanese food. They have said that Japanese restaurant here is not much of a choice compare to KK. Well, guess i will have to explore all of them myself since i will be staying here for a while.

Edo Ichi located in Taman Tyng, just next to Tyng Hotel. You will not miss it by a giant signboard outside the restaurant. The atmosphere is nice with dim light during the night. Great place for hang out and chill. They also have the sushi belt machine like most Japanese restaurant in KK. I've been here for twice now. Each time i come all the table was almost fully occupied. Their sushi taste good and fresh. Can't really make a comparison as i haven't visit other japanese restaurant here. For the price, i find it quite reasonable. Free wifi too.

Raw salmon rice, freshness overload

Waifu all time favorite - Saba Fish 

Salmon Tataki Roll, highly recommended

On my second visit, I bought a promo coupon from groupon. It did save a lot. 

Bernard Tzing

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