Hato Japanese Restaurant at Bundusan

This year's Christmas holiday, apart from attending friend's open house, we just spend the rest of the day having dinner with waifu at Hato Japanese Restaurant located in Pavilion Bundusan. To be exact, the location is the same row with KFC, at the back of courts Mammoth furniture.

Actually we bought a promo coupon from groupon a while ago. Since the redeption period almost finish, we decided to use it as soon as possible. Me and waifu really like Japanese food. Hope we got the chance to spend our holiday in Japan. Speaking of promotion, you really should check out groupon. There's alot of promo up to 70% discount. Not just limit to restaurant, other things they also promo are cloth, gadget, even hair and beauty.

This deal worth for two person. For RM58, we get:

Salmon fried rice
Spicy ramen
Tamago salad
Salmon sushi
Kushi Yaki Enoki Mushroom stick
Fruit drink
Black forest log cake

This is the first time we dine in this restaurant. Overall is great. Nice atmosphere not to mentiond the food was good. I just notice there' a pick N pay shop same row. Once again, Merry Christmas everyone

Bernard Tzing

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