Souvenir From Comic Fiesta 2010

Got some souvenir from Comic Fiesta 2010 recently. Check out some of the photo on Comic Fiesta here.




Bakemonogatari key chain. I like the tsundere look of Hitagi Senjogahara. Wish i can get her but Nana only manage to get me key chain of Mayoi Hachikuji. She become wondering spirit of snail after she got killed in a traffic accident. She always carry an over size bag around. lol..




Check out these clips

Finally, a shimapan, this is what you saw earlier inside the bottle. Shimapan is a panties with strip on it. You can see it in some anime, where the female character being flash off in scene wearing shimapan. It just add on the moe of that character, make it look more kawaii. lol..But why shimapan was so popular?No one can really tell. Perhaps you can dig out some info here. Akihabara even sold those chilled shimapan. You got to check out this post by Kodomut. He always have new idea on how to make interesting story with anime figure and toys.

But one thing for sure, i'm not gonna wear this shimapan if that's what you thinking right now. lol.



Bernard Tzing

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