Lembah Impian Kitchen & Cake House

Been hearing lots of rumours about the deliciousness of brownies at Lembah Impian Kitchen & Cake House located inside the Citymall Shopping Centre. It was a small shop managed by Lembah Impian Country Homes Resort. So, i decided to go there and check it out myself.



Varieties of local kuih. They even have economic rice.



Aha!!brownies spotted. Left only 2 pieces. Quickly grab it before someone else.


Tempted by the cheese cake as well. Have to buy it. Not prefer they use this polystyrene container, it just so not environmental friendly. I should bring my own container next time. Price ranged from RM4.50-5.00 each.



The rumors was right, it's taste really good although it a bit hard. I thought it was soft like sponge. LOL..the cheese cake?It's good too. You can feel 99% cheese of the whole cake. Om nom nom nom.

Bernard Tzing

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