Partrick Star & KFC Chicky Meal

Went to KFC to order a snack plate meal then my eye galore when i saw the chicky meal that come with SpongeBob toys. I'm a big fan of SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon. It so hilarious. Basically with each set of chicky meal, you can choose any Spongebob toys. I was going to get Spongebob itself but then the waitress told me that Spongebob sold out..i was like "NOOOOOOOOO" then i have to choose Patrick Star. I hope i can get Spongebob soon. Can't eat KFC too frequent as it will ruined my diet plan. LOL..

Photo credit to KFC

Set of chicky meal come with 1 piece of chicken, a class of cold milo, potato fries and of course the toy.


When you pull the string, you will hear Patrick listen to the sound of wave from the shell. I'll definitely get SpongeBob


Bernard Tzing

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