Mobile Photography 01

I will be doing a series of photos collection of any genre taken using a camera phone. All the photo was taken using an iPhone and directly edited using the application in my iPhone except adding the watermark was done in PC. Most of the photos ignore the photography rules though. I am using Chase Jarvis' Best Camera iPhone application, it allow you to take a photo and add multiple effects on a single photo. You can also directly share your photo to Facebook and Twitter. You can purchase the app from iTune store here. Check out this cool demo:

I was inspired by Chase Jarvis' quote "The Best Camera Is The One That's With You. He wrote this book and you can order it from most online store such as Through your iPhone, you may directly upload and share your photo to the best camera site. It is a photo community where it allowed photo around the world to shared in a platform. Now even an old lady can snap a picture and shared it to the world. It really change the revolution of photography world. Check out some of the photos in the best camera taken by him and portfolio of Chase Jarvis using iPhone Camera.




Toilet Symbol


Hello Hello

Teddy Bear Wedding




Bernard Tzing

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