My Fm with TM Blockbuster Fun Tour

Malaysia chinese radio station My fm togather with TM had organized a tour around Malaysia. The tour include several activities include games, lucky draw, dance show. You have the chance to meet your favorite My fm DJs and take pictures with them. Beside, lots of promotion by TM. The tour also featuring performance by few local artist. You can use google translate to view the page.

At the same time, there was dance competition where participants can show their skill and win prizes either by individual or group category. But participants require to purchase RM10 worth of TM i-talk cards in order to perform on stage.

Last week they had their tour in City Mall. Lots of people can be seen gathered in front of the stage.

Featuring My fm DJ Mei Yan. Check out her personal site as well.
DJ Phoebe and her personal site.
DJ Jason. His personal blog can be view here. Next to Jason is DJ Vivian and her site. Another page of her here.
Performance by local artist; Tedd Chan (曾國琿)and his site. Check out his other blog too.
Josh Lai (赖力). Check out his blog.
Oh..not to mentioned, i had mushroom clay pot chicken and rice wine mee hoon at City Mall food court for lunch. But the taste was not as i expected though.

Bernard Tzing