Akiyama Mio & Aku Yamine Cosplay

Went to Kuching lately for the Kyanime event, managed to have a photo shoot with cosplayers. Akiyama Mio from K-on and Aku Yamine from Vocaloid.

Bernard Tzing


  1. Couldn't these models smile or something? They look SO goddamn bored to death. I thought Mio looked bored, but the purple one looks like she just doesn't want to be there!

    That girl lacks Mio's moe-ness. I couldn't even tell if her lashes were curled b/c her bangs were covering it.

    Mio looks cool in the last picture tho. Probably cause I can see her eyelashes. It'd be a better picture if the stoic purple girl had an expression.

  2. Her eyebrows look like cake frosting!

  3. lol...purposely want them to look cool