Borneo International Cat Show 2010

Borneo International Cat Show 2010 was held at 1borneo hyper mall on 05 June 2010. It's free admission. Cat owner had the chance to participate in this event to show their beloved cat. Those cats were judged based on their characteristic such as fur, actively, shape, and so on by professional judges from oversea.

I really like this short fur cat. Cute and active
This is where the cat owner gather while waiting for their turn.
Look at the size of this cat, it's really big
Some of the Judges
Cats were given these tag for each categories
Winner will be given these badges

Bernard Tzing


  1. I love cats... so cute ooo, teda tu kucing yg teda bulu tu ka ermmmm I forgot apa jenis tu...

  2. pun suka kucing..haha..yang kucing ko maksud tu bukan gambar no. 7 & 8 tu ka?

  3. Great photos of the cats and people!