Tsung Tsin Secondary School Night (友谊花开)

This is a yearly event held by Tsung Tsin Secondary School located at Jalan Damai, Kota Kinabalu. MSJ Photography was invited as their official photographer. In the team was Gerry, me, Jackson Lim, Jackson Jibit, Valentine, Normin, Adleen, Clement, Samuel, Nex, and Fedly. Each photographer had been assigned to a specific location. With 11 photographers, we managed to cover up the entire angle to create a full dynamic shoot from high to low angle, front, back, & side stage. We did attend their day before rehearsal for test shoot and just to get use to the programs. The school’s current students and ex-student were involved in the stage performance which include acting, dancing and singing. It was very interesting. One thing that make me surprise is that the strong bond and love that they share among each other. Even though the students already graduated from the school, but most of them still come back to the school for this event. They really get involved by giving advices to their junior and some of them get into the stage performance. At the end of the programme, a new director was been selected for the next year Yu Yi Hua Kai. A student has been ask to deliver a speech about how she felt about the event, not even until 3 lines of speech, she begin to drop tears because she was touched by the love, joy and the journey that everyone share with her during the event. She also mentioned that she want to be as good as her senior which stand next to her. Hearing this, her senior can’t resist to hug her. Everyone in the hall was touched by this moment. Here’s some of the shoot from my angle.

Bernard Tzing

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