Fish Farm Visiting

It’s been a while i didn’t went for a fishing. I think the last time i hold a fish rod was 3 years ago. Since its Raya Holiday, we plan for a fish farm visiting and fishing at Kampung Serusup, Tuaran. This place was actually owned by Gerry but under his relative’s management. We plan to have BBQ as our dinner. So, after getting all the stuff prepared, we head toward our destination. The fish farm was floating sea cages; they have the facilities needed to packed live fishes to be export to Hong Kong. The place was not that big though but I think it still can be expand and develop. Lucky we managed to catch few fishes for dinner, in addition of that; the management give us some lobster too. Wau!! What a lucky day. We had a great dinner with some chill beer. It was very fun and relaxing. Enough to make you forget about stressful and busy life in town for a while. Everyone seems to be enjoying it.

A small bridge that connect the other side

Sea cages

Preparing our tool for the catchOur catch of the day

Our catch of the day



Bernard Tzing

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