Family Days

On a beautiful Sunday, we had our family day activity at Tanjung Aru beach, well, it’s not my real family though. It’s actually a church family day to be precise. Some of the activities include short gospel, sharing about what you really care in your family, picnic and some games on the beach such as beach golf, beach soccer, dart and few other interesting games for the kids too. They were very funny in their act and seem to be enjoy it. I’m glad to see all the happy faces around as you don’t get to see these often nowadays with parent busy with their works. Winner of the games get prize too sponsored by few kind people.

Sharing & prayer session

Time to eat - Sharing is caring

Beach soccer - a game that the boys won't miss

Which side stronger

Even women don't wanna miss the opportunity

Kids also wanna have some fun

Happy faces

Coconut bowling?

Never play golf before

In the end, all the hard work worth it as they get prizes

Bernard Tzing

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