Cardfight Vanguard Extra Booster Comic Style Vol.1 (EB01)

The Extra Booster Comic Style Vol.1 EB01 has just been released. Box was smaller since there were only 15 packs inside. Its features original units from the "Cardfight!! Vanguard" manga that's currently being serialized in KeroKero Ace and Comp Ace. A total of 35 different cards in this box where (RRR x2, RR x5, R x8, C x20) + SP cards x1 (Parallel). Cards was given randomly. Check out the complete card list. A total of 9 clans; Nova Grappler, Oracle Think Tank, Pale Moon, Megacolony, Kagero, Royal Paladin, Spike Brothers, Tachikaze and a new clan added; Murakumo. 

RRR cards; Perfect Raizer (Nova Grappler) and Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU (Murakumo)

RR cards; bottom left: High Powered Raizer Custom (Nova Grappler), Weather Forecaster - Miss Mist (Oracle Think Tank), Golden Beast Tamer (Pale Moon), Imperial Daughter (Oracle Think Tank), Machining Stag Beetle (Megacolony). Thanks to comrade Cubex, Airin, Ruwais and David for lending some of these card. 

The only SP card; Sage of Guidance, Zenon (Royal Paladin). Notice the different illustration between a normal R (left) card and a SP (right). 

Some of the ability of these cards can give your opponent a really hard time with greater attacking power as well as additional critical damage.

Currently i'm using a Nova Grappler. So, has decided to build a deck from these cards which mainly consist of the Raizer. Main attacking phase start during gred 3 with Perfect Raizer in vanguard circle with all the other component in needed presence. 

Next Extra Booster EB02; Diva Festival expected to be released in March 10th 2012. Can't wait for the release. Featured more Bermuda unit consist of mermaids race in additional to the existing Bermuda card that been released in 2nd volume of Booster Box. One of the card; Top Idol Aqua was illustrated by Kei, the same artist who also illustrate vocaloid character Hastune Miku

Bernard Tzing

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