Aimi Terakawa's visit to Sabah

I did mentioned before in my previous post in Hobbycon 2011 that seiyuu Aimi Terakawa was invited as the special guest right?Well, here's some write up for it. She's the character voice for Suiko in Cardfight Vanguard anime and opening theme song for Astarotte no Omocha! with song title "Tenshi no Clover" and Ben-To song title of "Live for Life." 

For this 2 days event, she performed on stage and having autograph session. She also play Weiss Schwarz and Cardfight Vanguard card game with fans. One need to play Jan Ken Pon (rock-paper-scissor) with other in order to be selected to play with Aimi. 

I must admit that she's really good in that 2 type of card games. She seem to be at pro level. Even i have no confidence in beating her. But in the end i wasn't lucky enough to play with her. But managed to secure her autograph on these cards. The middle one is a special card from Bushiroad, the cute little girl was actually Aimi herself. Aimi was also part of Hibiki Radio Japan. Oh, and she's very friendly with her fans while having a sweet voice. I HNGG!!! when i heard she said "Final Turn" in vanguard.

lol..Aimi play around with this Pedo head

All picture above credited to Aimi's official blog since we all are not allowed to take picture of her. 

More about Aimi:

Official website:
Twitter: @aimi_sound
Official blog: 

Here's some of coscard and namecard get from Hobbycon

Bernard Tzing


  1. Wow, she allowed you to take photos for your blog. lucky you! I wished i took more pics that time. But, I don't wanna get in trouble with her recording label.

  2. lol..i didn't took these picture..i just use these from her official blog