My Loot Of The Day - Cardfight Vanguard Trading Card

So finally i got my very own Cardfight Vanguard Trading Card Game (TCG). A product from Bushiroad, Japan. I also own a Weiss Schwarz (WS) TCG, which is also product from the same company. Currently i have 3 series of WS; Milky Holmes, my main deck, To Aru Majutsu No Index II, and Bakemonogatari. Check out this post of mine during last time bushiroad having a giveaway stuff. Players need to introduce themselves in order to win their sign cards.

Just like Weiss Schwarz card game, a vanguard deck only can consist of 50 cards. But in vanguard, a winner was determined if he/she inflict 6 damage to opponent or the opponent has no more cards to draw. I decided to get a vanguard card game mainly because there was already have many players at my place. I can learn more from them as well as trade some card. Vanguard also have its own anime where the latest episode is 30. 

What i get for myself yesterday was a Trial Deck of Nova Grappler clan consist of 50 starter cards, a volume 01 booster box and card sleeve. Currently there are 4 different clans for trial deck already out; Royal Paladin, Kagero, Oracle Think Tank and Nova Grappler. There was a grand total of 14 clans in the list. For more info on each type of clans, translation, card ability as well as how to play, do check out Cardfight Vanguard Wiki. It's very useful. 

So, a booster box consist of 30 packs. Each packs have 5 cards inside. Make it a grand total of 150 cards in a box. Those cards were randomly given. Normally players aim to get a super rare cards either RRR or SP which is very hard to get and high value. Basically in a box, you will either get 3 pieces of RRR cards or 2 RRR with 1 SP cards, the rest are RR, R and C (common). These rare cards was kinda expensive especially for a SP cards. Check out the price list from here. Correct me if i'm wrong, the most expensive card would be CEO Amaterasu SP which cost about 5,000 yen. You can sell it to other people who was looking for them. 

I was hoping to get a CEO Amaterasu from the first booster box i opened but in the end i got other instead. So my 3 unit of RRR cards are Embodiment of Victory Aleph from Kagero clan, Blaster Blade from Royal Paladin and Battle Sister Cocoa from Oracle Think Tank. 

Later after that, i bought another booster pack which consist 5 cards. Guess what, i finally get the CEO Amaterasu card. Luck must be on my side that day. It's not a SP type though but a RRR. I already trade the Cocoa and Aleph with a friend. Another friend has reserved my Amaterasu at reasonable offer. I'm letting them go since i'm not aiming to become a Oracle or Kagero clan player. 

A total of 10 different clans in volume 01 booster box. There was a total of 4 different volume booster boxes.


These are my RRR cards i get from the box (left: Aleph, center: Cocoa, right: Blaster Blade)

a RRR CEO Amaterasu card from Oracle clan, Misaki use this deck in the anime series, while Aichi use a Royal Paladin, Kai use Kagero and Kamui use a Nova Grappler deck.

Last but not least, check out this Vanguard Commercial. 

And here's an opening song for the anime series

Bernard Tzing


  1. nice...really thought of playing...but dont really know any players around here...:(

  2. @Anonymous

    hmm..perhaps you can start with 2-3 person with your close friend, maybe other people find it interesting then will join as well..that's usually how things start..

  3. yea i know....hmmm my friends...hmm not sure if they will be into these stuff....were in our 20's..hahah...not many otaku's that I know off unfortunately

  4. @Anonymous

    lol..we have 30's years old vanguard players here...i think age doesn't matter. it's the interest that matter. hmm..your place have any hobby convention held?perhaps you can start looking for players there

  5. yea i know there are older players....i know someone who shares old insterests with me in regards to magic the gathering but they probably wont wanna spend cash on those anymore....Convention? Yea there is actually...they are mostly into yugioh though...its in sg wang kl...have u been there?

  6. @Anonymous

    yes..magic gathering players might not want to concentrate on other TCG. yeah..i've been to kl before but not for the TCG event..hmm..then you're in the right place looking for TCG players..there are lots of them at KL..i know that they have convention very often..such as comic fiesta, c2age atc..all these are perfect looking for players..they have shop selling TCG also around kl right?

  7. yea they wang is one of the main ones where the kids group there....they even have tables for players and tournaments there....ah well...we will see how it goes....i do follow the anime though..:)

  8. @Anonymous

    yeah..the anime was awesome..all the best in your vanguard play then

  9. Want to play too, But cant find anyone. Wouldn't japanese text be troublesome? Rather just buy english ones

  10. @anonymous: where are you from? well, not really, i prefer the japanese. Some how the quality of the card is better and japanese ver new cards always come out 1st than english.

    For translation: check it out:!!_Vanguard_Wiki

  11. Hmm...i live in sabah.does any shop in sabah that sells cardfight vanguard cards or booster???

  12. Yes, there's a shop called Moe House located at star city link bridge, kk. near wojamama japanese restaurant. and it just beside Kirameki Maid cafe