PSP got in Hospital

My beloved white color PSP console suddenly cannot link with other PSP console for some games that can play togather at the same time. So, i bring to the shop where i first buy the PSP at Centre Point, Kota Kinabalu, the shop keeper then told me that my PSP have to stay for their technician to check. Later, the shop keeper asked me for RM10 for the service fee..what the??i still remembered when i bought my PSP, they said if there's any problem with the console, i can bring back for them to repair without any charges as long as its still under warranty. Of course i refuse to pay it. Well, it's not about the money, but its the service and promise that they offred before. They should keep their words by not charging any fee on the PSP that still under warranty. I mean how could a customer ever trust them again for this kind of case happened? They said that the RM10 iwas a standard fee apply for any things that going to be repair at their shop, they did not say this when i bought the console. After that, i talked to their supervisor and arguing about it, finally, they end up accept my PSP console to be repair without any charge apply. They only took the console body and leave the battery and memory stick with me. Probably it's the last item i would buy from that shop and i won't recommend anyone to buy anything from that shop.

Bernard Tzing

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