Sakuma's Drops

This is the candy drops as seen in Studio Ghibli's movie 'Hotaru no Haka' or Grave of the Fireflies. The story set in world war II in Japan, a touching tale of 2 siblings trying to survive in the war. Check out the live action movie here. There are approximately 40 candies in each Sakuma's Drops tin. It can be buy from Daiso shop where every item sell for just RM5.00. There was a new Daiso shop opened at 4th floor of centre point, Kota Kinabalu. Do check out any Daiso shop near you here.

Note: all the Sakuma's Drops candy were taken with my Sony DSC-W30 instead of my DSLR

Bernard Tzing


  1. I feel I'm missing out! Have to see if I can get some over here!

  2. yo Chris, maybe you can check it out at Daiso Shop near you anyway, thanks for the view