Professional Chinese Music Cultural Performance

Last week there was a Chinese cultural music performance at Centre Point, Kota Kinabalu. The local band called them E.C. band, which stand for Electric Cultural Band. Check out their facebook page. The group members consist of professional or qualified player of Chinese music instrument. E.C. Band perform varies style of music such as pops style Chinese music, Classical Chinese Music, pops music, malay music and other folk music like dusun and kadazan’s music. It is the first ‘pop Chinese music instrumental group’ in East Malaysia. You can direct contact their group leader, Simon Kong on +60168420663. The show also gives chance to any audience to sing their favourite song on stage along with the band. Even though most of them were near middle age person but i must say they sing very good.

Note: all photos was taken with Sony DSC-W30

Most of the audience were nearly middle age person. well, im not surprise as the band was in tradisional instrument.

Now who said Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) only for young people. Check out this aunty with a PSP on her hand.

Bernard Tzing


  1. nice post.. actually not give chance to audience to sing their favourite song, but this is a coming competition at May 16th held at putera bukit padang.. those audience go up to sing all are the participants.. actually this is a seminar about the competition.. and let them to try out sing with the live band and olso during the competition day.. we discuss out if they met any problem..

    by the way, if got any performance need the chinese instrument can call us, yeah, just that 0168420663 simon kong :)

  2. Thanks Shin Yee for the view and info. Haha..i just know about the coming competition on 16th May from a friend last night, she got the ticket for that event. I must say your band really did the job very well. Love the music especially the Gu Zheng.