My visit to Taiwan Part 2

Here's part 2 of my trip to Taiwan early this year. If you would like to know about Taiwan Public Transport, Jiu Fen Old Street, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Yeliu Geopark, Sun Moon Lake, Anping Fort, Tai-Yi Ecological Leisure Farm and how to get there. Please read my visit to Taiwan part 1. Part 2 here cover Taipei Zoo, National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Taiwan Night Market, Taipei 101, and Ximending. This post contain info how to get to those location by public transport. Please check out info on public transport including type of transport, station, and how to use them in my previous post on trip to Taiwan part 1. 

Taipei Zoo 

Located in Muzha, Taipei City Zoo is a few minutes’ walk from the Taipei City Zoo MRT Station. It is considered as one of the largest zoos in Asia with the total area of one hundred and eighty-two hectares. The zoo contains indoor and outdoor displays as well as a conservation and research center. The exhibitions include insectariums, amphibians, penguins, koalas, nocturnal animals, pandas, marine creatures and many others. Taipei City Zoo is a memorable place for childhood and a popular place for dating and leisure gathering. 

For the popular panda exhibit, there is a limit of visit. 20,000 visitors per day. Educational activities are often held here at the zoo from time to time. Visitors may join the activities to explore more of animals’ habits and habitations. Since the zoo covers numerous of areas and animals, visitors are suggested to visit early. (source: 

My first time saw a real life panda

Opening hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm 

Entrance Fee: 

Adult      : 60NT 
Children : 30NT 

Directions : 

By Bus: 

1. Take bus route 236, 237, 282, 294, 295, 611, 611, mini 12(小12), brown 11(棕11), brown     15(棕15), brown 3(棕 3), brown 6(棕6), green 1(綠1) to Taipei City Zoo Station(台北市       立動物園站) directly. 

By MRT: 

1. Take MRT Wenhu line (捷運文湖線) to Taipei City Zoo Station (台北市立動物園站)             directly.

National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium 

The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium is situated near the sea, close to the Kenting National Park. The aim of establishing such museum, apart from biological education, commerce, culture, and recreation, is the respect for the environment. If it weren't for the appropriate care for mother nature, we wouldn't be able to experience her blessings amongst the natural abundance.The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium is divided into three main areas: Waters of Taiwan, Coral Kingdom Pavilion, Waters of the World. There are also routine shows: Belugas show, Swimming with tropical fish, and Feeding show. National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium is a good place in southern Taiwan to educate the public about the ocean. Located in the southern part of Taiwan, Kenting is a popular scenic area surrounded by ocean and mountains. For more information, please visit the web site "Kenting Tourism" (source: 

Status of whale just before the entrance

Ticketing counter

You can request a special arrangement for English Tour Guide inside the aquarium

"Touch pool" section where you can touch the animal inside the tank using your bare hand, some include coral, star fish, sea cucumber, and fishes.

There's a feeding show daily at certain fixed time

Visitors can stamp their note pad as souvenir

Awesome ship wreck 

Opening hours: 

Mon-Fri : 09:00-18:00 (Ticketing until 17:00) 

Sat.-Sun : 08:00-18:00 (Ticketing until 17:00) 

Service facilities: Guided tours available (Please contact the information service center) 

Entrance Fee: 

Adult Ticket  : 450NT 

Group Ticket : 350NT (above 20 people per group) 

Beneficiary   : 200NT per person 

Children : 250NT 

Free : children under 110cm, and disabled people who hold a handicap identification card and must be accompanied by a caretaker. 

Only a limited number of visitors are allowed, groups over 20 people must make bookings in advance. 

Directions : 

By Train: 

1. Take train to Kaohsiung Railway Station (高雄火車站) -> Take Guoguang Bus (國光客        運)/Taichi Bus(台汽客 運)/Kaohsiung Bus(高雄客運)/Pingtung Bus (屏東客運) –Kenting(墾      丁) route to Checheng stop (車城站) 

2. Take train to Fangliao (枋寮站) -> Take Guoguang Bus (國光客運)/Taichi Bus(台汽客       運)/Kaohsiung Bus(高雄客 運)/Pingtung Bus (屏東客運) –Kenting(墾丁) route to Checheng     stop (車城站) 

By Bus: 

From Taipei: 

Take Guoguang Bus (國光客運)-Pingtung (屏東) or Kaohsiung (高雄 to Checheng stop (車城站). From there, take a taxi to the museum. 

From Kaohsiung: 

Take Guoguang Bus (國光客運)-Pingtung (屏東) or Kaohsiung (高雄 to Checheng stop (車城站). From there, take a taxi to the museum. 

Taiwan Night Markets 

Night markets play an important role in the lives of Taiwanese. Aside from the beautiful sceneries, colorful cultures, and enriched histories, the lively night markets are a collection of street stalls, sidewalk vendors, as well as small canteens displaying a splendid social scene of Taiwan. As sky darkens, people head for the night markets to shop, eat and hangout with friends for utmost in relaxations! The vivid atmosphere of the night markets allures crowds of local and oversea visitors for an interesting evening for their Taiwan travel. 

Night markets of different scales and typical Taiwanese snacks can be found all over the island, but each night market has its own styles and specialties. A night market is surely an excellent venue for sampling local cuisines and experiencing the local culture and nightlife. 

The most popular night markets in northern Taiwan, include Taipei Shilin Night Market, Taipei Huaxi St. Night Market, Taipei Shida Night Market, and Keelung Miaokou Night Market. Taichung Feng Chia Night Market, and Kaohsiung Liouhe Night Market are noted as the most popular night markets of central and southern Taiwan. Do not visit at the wrong time, Taiwan night markets usually come alive around 19:00 until midnight or later. 

Taiwan Night Market Tourism provides essential information of popular Taiwan night markets and Taiwanese snacks. Remember to visit the lively Taiwan night markets for a memorable Taiwan tour! (source: 

Real meat of a giant grouper

All is duck based dishes, i never knew it can be this much even the head are for sell.

Another dishes beside than Sticky Tofu that you must try in Taiwan, Beef Noodle 

A game where people try to catch the animal (prawn) from a tank. Just like Japanese game Kingyo Sukui

Since Taiwan is still winter season, hot pot is the best. Our guide bring us to eat Ginger Duck Hot Pot. It's taste really good with the goodness of ginger warm up your body.

Taipei 101 

Taipei 101 is Asia’s tallest skyscraper with 509 meters tall. Situated in Xinyi District near Taipei City Hall, Taipei 101 was designed by Taiwanese renowned architect Zu-Yuan Li. Taipei 101 is the landmark in Taipei City and was designed based on the Chinese lucky number 8. Comprising 101 floors, Taipei 101 has the world’s fastest elevators that can travel 9 floors in just 37 seconds (nearly 64.4km per hour). 

Taipei 101 has parking lots from B2 to B4, shopping centers frm B1 to the 4th floor, banks and financial centers on the 5th floor, business offices from the 6th floor to the 80th floor, VIP Club on the 85th floor, restaurants from the 86th floor to the 88th floor, an indoor viewing area of Taipei City on the 89th floor, and an outdoor viewing area on the 91st floor. (source: 


By Taipei MRT: 

Take Taipei MRT-Bannan Line (捷運板南線) to MRT Taipei City Hall Station (捷運市政府站). From there, walk towards Xinyi Road (信義路) from exit no. 2 to Taipei 101 (台北101購物中心). 

By Bus: 

1. Taipei 101 is reachable by taking bus no. 207, 537, Xinyi Line (信義幹線) or Blue 5 (藍5)      to Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) stop (世貿中心站). 

2. Taipei 101 is reachable by taking bus no. 1, 284, 292, 611, or 650 to Taipei World Trade    Center (TWTC) stop (世貿中心站) 


Located in west Taipei, Ximending is one of the most popular tourist spots among both local and international travelers. Ximending features a wide selection of fashionable clothing and accessories in many styles include Japanese, Chinese and Western. Ximending is similar to Shibuya in Japan, both are famed for a diversity of entertainments and activities that allure large numbers of young people and young adults. It is often a gathering site for young people and has been noted the most fashionable and popular shopping area in Taiwan. 

Ximending is filled with all kinds of shopping options, from department stores to shops and stores, including various CD shops, hair salons, Eslite Department Stores, movie theaters, Karaoke and many others. Other than enjoying various activities, do not miss the chance to sample famous dishes of Ximending such as “Ya Rou Bian” for tasty duck meat, “Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle” for an unique experience appreciating delicious rice noodles in long line, “Simonfood Tempura” for mouth-watering Taiwanese style tempura, “Lautianlu” for stewed and braised food, plus many other delicacies that will satisfy your taste buds. 

Ximending is often crowded by visitors as there are abundant options of shops and restaurants. Being a hot spot in Taipei, a lot of celebrities choose to hold concerts and events at the Ximending Walking Street. With an excellent location close to Taipei Main Station, Ximending offers great convenience in transportations with MRT and a multitude of buses. For travelers coming from other cities, they may simply take train or THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail) to Taipei Main Station and then take a short MRT ride or 10mins short walk to Ximending area. (source: 


By Bus: 

1. Take bus no. 9, 12, 49, 202, 205, 206, 212, 218, 223, 231, 234, 242, 246, 249, 250, 252,       253, 260, 262, 263, 265, 302, 204, 207, 310, 527, 601, 604, 624, 628, 651, 652, 660, 667,      701, 702, 703 or 705 to MRT Ximen Station stop (捷運西門站). 

2. Take bus no. 62, 229, 231, 234, 242, 264 or 310 Sub line (310副) to Ximen Elementary         School (西門國小). 

3. Take bus no. 18, 221, 232, 235, 257, 513, 621, 635, 540, 659, 663 or Blue 2 to Ximen           Market stop (西門市場 站). 

By Taipei MRT (台北捷運): 

Take Taipei MRT-Bannan Line (捷運板南線) to exit no. 6 of MRT Ximen Station (捷運西門站).

Snack that you must buy in Taiwan is Pineapple Tart and Sun Cake especially in Taichung area. Usually they packed in a fancy boxes, perfect for souvenir. 

Hand craft wooden items spotted. Just look at how smooth is the design  

if you would like to know more about Taiwan, check out some of the post below:

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