KK Burger Bakar at Tanjung Aru Plaza

I guess most KK people already know the Burger Bakar in town. It's located at the open food court next to Tanjung Aru Plaza (Near Tanjung Aru Police Station). Open daily from 5pm-11pm. They going to open another branch at Kepayan Perdana Area soon. Last time i went there, they have 6 different burgers to choose, now they add up another 3 menu which is Salsa Chic Special Edition, Boboi and Mamamia Fish. More info on their facebook page. If you have a big appetizer then i suggest you just take the Lava Gunung Kinabalu, served with 3 layer of juicy thick patty for RM18.00. Their thick patty was grilled on charcoal with their secret ingredient and spices. You can also add up extra cheese, egg and bacon. So how do you eat such huge burger? well, they do provide spoon and fork, but i found it more easier to use hand. For other with smaller appetizer, you can try smaller size burger such as Taj Mahal and Salsa Chic. 

Double Six

Lava Gunung Kinabalu

Taj Mahal

Bernard Tzing


  1. wow their burger looks tempting

  2. @John..oh yeah..really should try them when have chance