Itasha in Sabah

Angel Beats Itasha

Itasha which has become very popular with Japan's otaku. "Ita" means "painful" in japanese. So the word itasha come from the fact that other people would find it painfully embarrassing to ride in the car. Noticed this Angel Beats itasha in Kota Kinabalu, i had a chat with the owner, itasha process was done locally at workshop Inanam area, just give your desire character design to the workshop guy and spend around RM400 to get it done, sticker quality really good. According to the guy, got few more other members who have itasha on their car. For those who interested to get their car/bike itasha, can try contact the workshop guy, Nick from AF wheels, 0165841002. You can join in this local forum about itasha. More coverage on itasha can goes to these posts by Danny Choo - Cultural Japan

Spotted another itasha here in Sabah, it's Mirai-chan, official mascot for Danny Choo.

Bernard Tzing

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