Milky Holmes Weiss Schwarz Extra Pack

Bushiroad has kind enough to release Milky Holmes Weiss Schwarz Extra Pack, titled as "The Phantom Thieves Strikes Back." From the title itself, most of the cards are "Thief (怪盗)" trait, but I'm so glad that i bring it home, cards are pretty. There are 6 packs in a box, and each pack consist of 6 cards. This time i didn't manage to get any sign card but a bunch of Holofoil cards, Some of the foil cards have different art than the normal one. In fact, i can build a new deck consist of only Thief trait, combining cards from the booster box bought last time.  

Cards translation can be found here
Milky Holmes Weiss Schwarz Post can be found here



These holofoil cards have different illustration from the normal one, the right side is foil cards




There are two type of tickets (silver and gold bag) for you to exchange goodies such as playing mat, sleeve, deck case and more at your nearest shop. Since i got a gold bag ticket, i can exchange with 1 playing mat. Normally you require 3 Silver Bag for 1 playing mat.

Bernard Tzing

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