Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Weiss Schwarz Deck

Finally i got my own Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Weiss Schwarz deck from little akiba store for RM60.00. This is a Japanese trading card game developed by Bushiroad. The game require 2 players dueling each other to determine the winner. Eventually, player who reached level 4 lose the game. I decided to play it because of the anime illustrated on the card. For more info on how to play the game. Check it out here.





Basically a trial deck or starter deck consist of 50 cards and a playing mate, usually these cards are rather weak, but you can tweak it by adding some booster cards which sold separately. Check out the rest of Milky Holmes card. Don't worry if you can't read Japanese, you can find the translation here. You also try WS@NK-DS.

Luck must be on my side as i get on of the signed card. It's difficult to get one. You can sell at good price ranged from RM150-200 each of these signed card to some serious collector.


Previously i just own a single card from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st. I get it from Megami Magazine Vol 117 last year. This card also hard to get as it only come with a magazine.

Bernard Tzing

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  1. Lucky! I wanna get this deck too lol