My Weekend With Kirameki Maid Cafe

This week, i went to Kirameki Cafe since it's near my place. It's a maid cafe like those you saw in Japan such as @Home Cafe and Maidreamin. Kirameki was the first maid cafe in East Malaysia. Located at Star City Link Bridge, Asia City, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Open daily except Monday:

Tuesday - Friday : 11.00 am - 09.00pm
Saturday - Sunday : 11.00 am - 10.00pm

Perfect place for otaku to hang out. They close early that day since they having a birthday party for one of their costumer. Love all the maids when they greet you "
irrashaimase goshujin-sama" (welcome, master) once you enter their maids were very polite when serving you. I personally like Moena. She only work on weekday except there's special event. She's so moe and poses a lovely voice. One can melt by just listen to her check out their promotion and any up coming event at their facebook page. Would like to see more maid cafe like this in Malaysia and of course more activities by them such as maidols (maid idol) singing. There's another maid cafe opening soon at West Malaysia called Tenshi no Cafe.

Anyway, i ordered their Moe Moe Omu Rice and requsted one of the maid draw a Rilak Kuma and winking Akashiya Moka on it. I also tried their Kare Raisu (Kira Kira Curry Rice) before.


On dessert, ordered a Blueberry Mousse Pudding, Also tried their Strawberry Mousse Pudding and Chocolate Mousse Pudding before.


Customer aren't allowed to take any photos of the maids unless it's during special event. You can always have a cheki (polaroid picture) with the maids for RM10 . Some words/messages will be written by the maids themselves. Maids should be treated with all do respect. Like other maid cafe, their policy was the same. There were few rules you don't do / not at the cafe such as: 

1. No touching at a maid’s body 
2. No asking for a maid’s phone number 
3. No outside food in the cafe 
4. No photos taking of maids 
5. Do not stalk or persistently pick up a maid or asking what time she gets off work 
6. No smoking in the cafe 
7. No harming or disturb the employees and other customer 

Bernard Tzing

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