Happy New Year 2011

First of all, i would like to wish everyone Happy New Year. What a nice date huh? 1.1.11..noticed so many couples choose today as their wedding day. Before the new year. I said to myself that i'm so ready to move forward to 2011, probably curious what it might bring. lol..Anyway, i spend my new year eve with no regret. I had dinner at home with family, then i attend a BBQ party invited by friends next door. They had some games as well. After that, around 10pm, went for another BBQ party at Gerry's place. Count down and watch fireworks. Didn't manage to capture any picture of firework though, another fail attempt. Been wanted to take firework photo since last year. Will try again next year's new year.

After the party, i drives home and continue back up my data from external hard disc, at the same time watch some anime, glad i finished most my watching list. I have such time to watch them because i had my long leave.lol..

Later in the morning, woke up around 10am. Had breakfast and surfing internet. Went out at 12.30pm to attend my friend's wedding at Dewan Maksak. Congratulation to Hillarience and Esther. Both are medical doctor working at government hospital. I know Hill since Labuan Matriculation College. Back then, he's a smart, and freaking hardworking student. Always get full mark on exam.


I leave at 3pm, decided to kill some time at Kirameki cafe. Ordered their dessert of the day. Om Nom Nom Nom.

Strawberry Mousse Pudding


Chocolate Mousse Pudding


Stay there until late evening. Had my dinner there too. I had their Kare Raisu (Kira Kira Curry Rice)


Just took this in front Kirameki cafe..lol..


Bernard Tzing

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