Dinner at Gunter's Gasthaus

I always wanted to have dinner at Gunter's Gasthaus every time i passed by Jalan Tuaran, Kota Kinabalu. It's a German restaurant. Heard lots of people talk about that place and their food, just make me feel like want to try out that restaurant more. Before that, had a movie at Suria Sabah. Seriously, it was my first time watch a 3D movie. It's kinda cool. I watched Megamind. I would like to recommend this movie to you. I laugh out loud watching this. Be sure to watch in 3D.

By the way, The restaurant has a nice setting. I want to try out the promotion menu where each person can order up to 3 different dishes and you only need to pay for the most expensive dish. Promotion start from Monday - Saturday, 11.30am - 1.30pm, 6.30pm - 10.00pm. Price start from RM8.88. You can add on RM5.99 for a cold drink, soup, salad and ice-cream during the dinner promotion. Call 088-217249 for more info.

For starter, salad. Vege so fresh.
This mushroom soup tasted really good. I personally think it's better than those serve at Pizza Hut and Kenny Rogers. Very "Kao"
For the main dishes, ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu, simply finger linking good. RM25.99
Tau Foo Gellette's, more like tau fu with curry sauce. RM9.99
Masthuhn Hawaiian Chicken, a must try dish. RM22.99
Fish Fillet Hawaii, tasted almost the same with Masthuhn Hawaiian Chicken except for the meat. RM16.99
For those who would like to stay overnight after happy hour. There was chalet rooms for rent as well.

Bernard Tzing

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