The Chat Room at Damai

I was attracted with its signboard every time i passed by this restaurant. The Chat Room was located at Damai. Serving mostly chinese cuisine. Last weekend i been there for dinner. I ordered both chef's recommended dishes; Minced Pork rice and Hua Tiao Chiew Chicken rice. You can choose to serve with noodle instead of rice with additional of RM1.00.

Minced Pork rice. RM6.80
The Chat Room

Hua Tiao Chiew Chicken rice. You must try this. Cooked with rice wine. The taste just nice. Not too strong cause i'm not a favorite of alcohol food or drink since i'm bad with it. I can get drunk easily. Lol. RM7.50
The Chat Room

The Chat Room

For more info, do check out their facebook page

Bernard Tzing


  1. I was gonna say wah nampak sedap, but then I saw pok pok orz. the mince one look nice oh. I take that back. I eat no pok hmph~