Kuro-Chan’s Burning Funeral

Kuro-chan was a black colour cat belong to my sensei. They have been staying together for 16 years . But cat’s life span not long. One day, Kuro-chan was sick and without saying goodbye, Kuro-chan passed away. My sensei was very upset. He conducted a burning funeral for Kuro-chan because my sensei is a Japanese at Fook Luk Siew there. We did attend the funeral, i was surprise that they don’t have actual ceremony and designated place for animal burning funeral. So, without any choice, we have to conduct the funeral somewhere at backyard and gathered wood around. The ceremony took about 1 hour to complete the burning. I did not bring my dslr along, lucky i have my iphone to take pictures. But unable to take the shoot after the funeral because runs out off battery.

seeing Kuro-chan last face
pouring gas oil
Kuro-chan burning
Waiting for Kuro-chan to be completely burn to ash...

Bernard Tzing


  1. ooohhh RIP Kuro-chan. so sweet of Prof seeno to do the ceremony for the cat.

  2. ya..poor him, Kuro-chan was like a son to him, and that place don't have burning funeral for animal, so have to do it outside.