Flea-tastic Bazaar

It is the first of its kind flea market / garage sale-style bazaar organised by Junior Chambers Intan International with aims to gather independent retailers, families or any member of the community to sell their products, services, or pre-loved treasures. It was been held at the Beverly Hills Apartment Phase 3 Hall. It provides an outlet for affordable sales and networking resources as well as let people have fun. Besides gathering people to buy and sell, Flea-tastic Bazaar aims to raise funds for selected beneficiaries through sales of unwanted donated items. You may have many things you consider as junks, but you will never know if this might be a treasure for someone else.

Among the things selling at the bazzar was pre-loved clothes, shoes, bags, books, dvds, furniture, toys, collectibles & more. Brand new clothes, accessories also sell at cheap prices. Other than that, there were some home baked cakes, cookies and food as well as creative home decor items. For more info please log on to http://flea-tasticbazaar.vox.com

Some of the traditional food too
In the end, main purpose still for the charity, glad people nowadays still care

Bernard Tzing


  1. Not bad la the bazaar ;) hopefully more in future.

  2. yeah..well, im sure there gonna be more..in fact just recently there's another bazzar last month at KK..