Hobbycon 2011

Hobbycon event will take place again this year on 10-11 December at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu. It just less than a month from now Main highlight for this event such as games, comic, anime, cosplay culture. There are booth displaying various anime-related stuff such as collectible figures, card games, cosplay stuff and many more. 

There will be a special guest from Japan featuring seiyuu Miss Aimi Terakawa. She's the character voice for Suiko in Cardfight Vanguard anime and opening theme song for Astarotte no Omocha! with song title "Tenshi no Clover" and Ben-To song title of "Live for Life." She will be singing on stage and having autograph session during the event. I heard she's will be playing vanguard card game with fans too. 

More about Miss Terakawa:

Official website: aimi-sound.com
Twitter: @aimi_sound
Official blog: ameblo.jp/aimi-sound 

So, if you happened to be around in Kota Kinabalu during that period, do drop by to this event. For more info, check out Hobbycon link below:

Website: Hobbycon 2011 
Facebook page: Hobbycon 
Twitter: @hobbycon

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