Coconut Pudding & BBQ Clam

I always go to this place during a hot sunny weekend. It's located along Jalan Sulaman, You can see a lots of small wooded stall selling Coconut Pudding & BBQ Clam beside the road. Local people here call it "Kelapa Puding" and "Lokan Bakar." Although every stall selling the same food, but i have taste several of it and the clam did taste a bit different. The fresh clam was grilled with some spices an served with sambal. I always order a coconut pudding whenever i go here. What so special about this was, the pudding was inside the coconut shell together with the flesh. It simply chill out my day. Coconut is good in reducing body heat. Beside than pudding, they also have fresh coconut water, and roasted coconut. This place also has become a tourist hot spot. if you ever come to Kota Kinabalu, do stop by this place and grab your coconut pudding and clam.

This stall is my favorite spot


Coconut Pudding served chilled - RM4.00


Fresh clam. Depend on their size, price for 1 pile ranging from RM8.00 - RM12.00. Good enough for 3 person.


Barbequed clam ready to be serve


Other home made snack


This one made from Tapioca


They also sell pudding in cup for smaller portion


Here's the map of the place. It's about 30 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu city. Ahh..feels like going there tomorrow.

View Lokan Bakar @ Sulaman in a larger map

Bernard Tzing


  1. Hi,

    May I know which stall you always go?


  2. i usually went to the last 2 stall,named Gerai Sri Cahaya