Visiting Decomposing Area

Today, was my first time visited a decomposing area located at Telipok. Basically it was a place for all the garbage from our city to be dump and decompose here. I went there with some of my staff to throw some old woods. Since the quantity was quite a number so, we have to directly throw it here. I was surprised with all the rubbish pile up there.

Dumping truck keep coming in load down their solid waste. Show that how much we produce rubbish each day. Totally is not a place to seek for comfort. You can see garbage everywhere, awful smell, not to mentioned those flies and maggot on those garbage pile. I almost vomit when i first step down from car into the area.

But despite of all that, i'm surprise to see lots of people walking around searching for any useful stuff in those garbage piles. For us, these garbage are useless junk that we wanted to get rid off so much, but for them, these garbage was their source of income. You can say a hard-earn money. Kinda sad to see those people have to collect stuff for living from this awful place, not to mentioned the rotten smell. Small children and old folks included. They even asked people that come to dump their garbage, "what kind of garbage are you throwing today?" if it is useful for them, they will start looking for those useful item. So, what are these useful items?They are aluminium can, rusted metal, electronic parts, glass and plastic bottle, papers, toys, cloth, furniture, carton boxes. Some of these item can be sell and for personal use after doing some repairing. I saw a young man pick up a box of orange juice, open and directly drink it, probably is those expired and throw out by supermarket. I can't imagine how these people can stand more than 10 hours per day in this place where i can't even stand until 10 minutes.

Piles of rubbish to be decompose



My staff throwing out the old woods


They even build their own hut



Everyone gather up and start looking for useful items as soon as a dump truck arrive, even small children



Bernard Tzing

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