Kota Belud Trip

Last week i went to Kota Belud with Jackson, Samuel, and Mark. We depart early in the morning around 4.30am after having breakfast at Salim, Lintas because we want to catch up the sunrise on top of a hill. Well, Jackson was the one who found out this spot, and he called it the unknown hill. Man, it is very freezing early in the morning. Upon reaching there, we all have to climb up the hill in the dark surrounding. It’s very tiring and worth it. After that, we went to Kota Belud market for some street photo.

The brothers, from left: Samuel, Jackson, Mark
Hehe..it's been a while didn't bring my girls out, so, this time i bring along Saber and Louise

Jack said he still hungry, so, we went for our second round breakfast in Kota Belud town. After that, Mark and her gf become our tour guide and bring us around. We have to walk down and up of this "Thousand Stair" in order to reach the market. 

Kota Belud Market, lots of things sold here

Local people's old time favorite, salted fish or "ikan masin"
Not sure what is this, but it seem like fermented fish

Fish market
Yummy oyster
"kuih bajau" Kota Belud most famous kuih
Making drink from sugarcane

Some handicraft
 Many blade or "parang" for sell in different size and length

Bernard Tzing


  1. why u mention Jack and sam name in ur blog.
    but never mention my name.?

  2. because for this Kota Belud trip which is 2 weeks ago, only Jack, Sam, Mark and Nana join it. You are not around so did not mention lo..well if u see my previous post, like Tenom, i did mentioned your name.