Ranau Trip

Last week I went to Ranau with Gerry, Abby, Lam Lam, Nex and Jackson for our 2 day 1 night merdeka trip. We leave MSJ studio in the morning to buy some food for our dinner at Citymall. After that, we stopped by a restaurant at Tamparuli for our breakfast; we had the famous Tamparuli fried noodle. It’s really good some more the tea is free. Nowadays you really can’t find any free cup of tea at KK. After breakfast, we drive straight away to Ranau. We stay at Kinabalu Rose Cabin. We had our BBQ dinner at house balcony although the manager said no BBQ in the house. We didn’t had a very good night sleep because we are not comfortable with the place, plus the weather really freezing us. The next morning, we woke up very early just to get the sunrise shoot and then we proceed our journey to Ranau Hot Spring to have some fun. Finally around 2pm, we decided to go back KK. We stopped by at a stall near Sepanggar to have our coconut puding and BBQ clamp before we go back studio. It was really fun.

Our breakfast - Tamparuli fried noodle
Alone up the hill

Me, Abby, Gerry, Lam Lam, Nex and Jackson with Mount Kinabalu as background

Mount Kinabalu

Bernard Tzing

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