Borneo Kellys Bay, Tuaran Workshop & Outing

Learned new skills in photography as well as get to know new friends especially Gerry, Valentine, KYSham, AK, Ganduts (from Kuching), Normah, Abby and many more. There are total of 24 participants attended this workshop including four beautiful models, Lam Fei Teng, Nicole Ong, Samantha, and Quenie Ling.

As early as 5.30am, we all gathered at City Mall Shopping Complex then board a big bus straight away to Borneo Kellys Bays, Tuaran. On the way, we stop at Mengkabong bridge for few shoot, and then continue our journey until we arrived at a small jetty where we need to board a boat in order to reach our destination. I would like to thanks Mr. Stephen Tseu, owner of Borneo Kellys Bay who also joined this workshop for maintaining this great place.

Gerry and his teams really did their great job in the lesson session. There are also photo sharing session in the end where participants can share their joy and experience from this workshop. Finally, we head back to Up2U cafe, Damai for our dinner and certificate presentation.

Nicole Ong
Lam Fei Teng

Quenie Ling


Group photo of the day. Photo credit to KY Sham

Bernard Tzing

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