Motorcyclist hit buffaloes and injured

Last night about 1.00am, while surfing internet in my room, suddenly there was a big sound of collision heard. Dogs in the neighborhood barking. Then i walk out from my house to see what's going on. Not far from my house, i saw there's a person lying on the road and few people gathered. That person was a male probably between 25-28 years old. He still conscious. According to a witness, the motorcyclist ride his bike on a high speed, the road was very dark due to no street light. Some buffaloes was lying in the middle of the road. On a high speed, he could not avoid those buffaloes and had a direct hit. He fell off from his bike and with that kind of impact, he broke his right hand and minor injured head part. Screaming in agony, people try to calm him down. Someone did call the medic and his relative. Not long after that, his brother came in shock and calm him down while waiting for the medic to arrive. The medic sure took their time. 30 minutes later, the paramedic arrived and give their emergency assistant. Judging from his condition, he will survive but his right hand might take longer time to recover. While the buffaloes?i was surprise they still standing without any sign of injury.

: ) Photos taken with my iphone

Bernard Tzing

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